Featured Poster Artist

Our current poster artist is Genevieve St. Charles - a Seattle-based pop artist whose clients include Microsoft, Landyachtz Longboards, The Portland Mercury and The Stranger.

"St. Charles has nearly all seven sins—sensuous, delicious, maybe deadly—folded into her swath of visual references. Sophisticated, nasty fun." -City Arts Magazine, 2018
“The pop art lushness of Genevieve St. Charles combines the sweaty ooziness of MAD magazine comic strips and the shellacked glossiness of 1950s-era fast food advertising. Her to-scale La Croix cans with flavors like “Homeless Bitcoin Millionaire” or “Women Laughing Alone With Salad” is cultural commentary at its best: throwaway lines on a throwaway can of negligibly flavored bubbly water.” -The Stranger, 2018
"Genevieve St. Charles is an art factory, churning out flattened facsimiles of iconic fast food stuff: brightly painted gooey hamburgers, drippy hotdogs, Pop-Tarts oozing with erotic appeal. Often her objects relish in the cult status of iconic, trendy consumables like LaCroix and other commonplace booze and beers. All that fetish glossiness plays around with paying tribute to (maybe taking jabs at) the seduction of American junk food culture, with St. Charles’ unique and unrelenting eye-popping nastiness." -City Arts Magazine, 2018--